Ideas that shape work

Appalachian coal country is one of the poorest regions in the nation. Rusty Justice, a mining engineer and entrepreneur, has a plan to change that.
What’s it like to be a worker with a disability? What do you think it feels like to be the sole woman in a room full of male executives or the only person of color in the office? How about…
The modern urban commute is an enduring bummer for those who deal with jammed highways and crowded city streets. The good news is that self-driving cars are on the way. The bad news is that fully autonomous vehicles won’t arrive…

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What we’re talking about

How can companies leverage AI for business strategy and insights?

Our Vision

What work looks like and how we do it, will be among the defining questions of the next few decades — personally, organizationally, and societally.

They’re questions being steered by big shifts. A rapidly growing gig economy. Technology automating jobs at an unprecedented rate. Competition from unexpected places. Businesses under increased pressure to restructure. A growing skills gap. New uncertainties in our global economy.

That’s why we launched CXO Magazine, a digital publication featuring our exclusive CXO reports and other takes on the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Each CXO Report takes a close look at what leaders are doing today to make themselves and their organizations more competitive tomorrow. CXO Magazine thinks expansively about the future of work and casts a wide net for answers. We recognize that ideas and solutions can come from anywhere and anyone.

Our approach is decidedly proactive. Yes, robots may be taking some jobs, but what new jobs are being created along the way? Our mindset is growth-oriented—helping you and your organization excel.

CXO Magazine is founded by Northeastern University. It draws on the university’s unique alignment with the world of work and Northeastern’s access to leading researchers in the fields shaping work. And it builds on what Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun refers to as the vital intersection of work and learning: how people and organizations identify and develop talent and adapt to change.

We will always look for a new take on the existing conversation by trying to distinguish hype from trends, poking at assumptions, and drawing on new data and fresh expertise. Our team will comb the globe for unique perspectives, striving to point out where ideas and interests intersect.

CXO Magazine will also be multichannel and participatory. In addition to our regular email updates, we’ll launch a podcast. We’ll host events and discussions. We want you to engage with us in ways that work for you.

Never has there been a more complex—and more exciting—time to lead in business. Yes, the changes appear big and constant, but we also see amazing opportunities. More important, so do others.